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Nimble aims at providing quality cricket products at reasonable rates for those who wants to become an elite player.

We believe the best talents with the best tools is what makes a player great. By providing you the best products we want to assist you in making you a great player and chase your dreams.


The perfect weight, durability and quality. This is what we mean by stating Nimble Bats are built to perfection. An elite bat for an elite player.


Every cricket ball is a story waiting to be written. It holds the dreams of bowlers seeking glory, the hopes of batsmen chasing records, and the cheers of fans yearning for that perfect delivery.


Best players need the best tools to become a complete player. What could be better than a kit of quality and every necessity at a lower price than others?

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Customer's Experiences with Nimble

Here is what people say about Nimble.

Lokesh Yadav

Was looking for cheap and good cricket and I was just so lucky to find out about the Nimble Cricket Kit. I’ve been using it for 3 months and trust me when I say it is best at its price. A complete package really.

Mayank Rajput

Bought the Nimble leather ball, at first I was in doubt of the quality because of its low price, but after it came and using it I can tell you it is of top quality

Omkar Kamble

I purchased a cricket helmet from Nimble and I am surprised to see how good it is for its price. The fitting is good and comfortable to wear.

C. Prakash

Used many products of Nimble, and I can guarantee you their products are of the best quality and at the best price

Ravi Kumar

The Nimble bat is really amazing. Light weight, durable and of good quality, just what they promised. Really loved it.ext

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